Minicrane M1-II

Durable and lightweight

The MiniCrane M1-II boasts the highest weight capacity of similar sized jibs by handling rigs up to 5kg. Its adjustable sliding weight bar allows fine-tuning control and is removable. Manufactured from 100% strong 6 layers carbon fibre, the crane is incredibly lightweight, firm, rustproof, and heat-resistant. It weighs only 1.5kg, becoming so easy to carry around that it will change how you feel about jibs. Due to its increased durability, video equipment benefits from even better protection.

Easy tilt control

The M1-II features manual and fixed-angle tilt control, becoming the perfect tool for any crane application. Extremely versatile, the unit is easily packed and requires minimum set-up time. The mount allows for extra accessories like a microphone to be connected, so it's a great tool for both studio and outdoor operation.

Best weight/size to cost ratio

The centre-mounted camera platform adds improved stability and its functionality can be extended with the R60 II Panoramic head. You can balance the crane by using a sand bag or even a rucksack as counterweight.

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R60 II

R60 II

The Panoramic Rotation Unit R60 II is perfect for timelapses and panoramas. It provides fine scale and accurate positioning and sticks to your equipment like a limpet to a rock!

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